Decimal point and comma are swapped.


Am I the only one who cannot use this software because the decimal points and commas are swapped? All throughout the app, and inside invoices, prices look like this: EUR1.000,00 instead of EUR1,000.00

Is there a way to configure this?

By default the app use the account and client countries to determine which format to use.

Hi Hillel,

Thanks for your answer!

My account country is Malta, and my customers are either Malta or Canada.

All the countries listed above use EUR1,000.00 and not EUR1.000,00, so I guess the automatic determination is wrong.

Do you know of a way to set/fix this? I am using the non-self hosted version and was about to purchase the Pro. today, however this simple issue is stopping me.

We can include the change with our next release but it wouldn’t be available on our hosted platform for a while.