Decimal bug in import from .csv

when i import my expenses from an .csv like this one:

"Lieferant","Kunde","Benutzer","Ausgabendatum","Betrag","Steuer","Währung","Kategorie","Status","Öffentliche Notizen","Private Notizen","Zahlungsart","Zahlungsdatum","Abwicklungsreferenz"
"Cyberport","Client Name","Username","2022-05-10","666,98 €","0,00 €","EUR","Hardware","Bezahlt | Verrechnet","Product Name","Ihre Bestellnummer: 12212121","Visa Card","2022-05-10",""

than - no matter how the decimal config is on localisation - the comma is ignored and the example above will be imported as 66.698,00 €


I believe the import expects a period to be used as the decimal separator.

@david is that correct/can both be supported?

In the invoices import that works fine - it only happens in the expenses import

i think the currency symbol may also be impacting on the import here.

What do you think about using a regexp to remove all non numeric digits (excluding periods, commas and dashes)?

for me that would be the solution for the moment - but it would be helpful to integrate that into the importer.