Debian 9 "Stretch" Self-Hosted Instructions

I’ve read over the instructions linked on the website for installing Invoice Ninja on Debian 7 and Ubuntu 14.04. However, the instructions are a bit old now and I was wondering if anyone has put together instructions on self-hosting Invoice Ninja on Debian 9 “Stretch”. If anyone has any new or updated instructions, I would appreciate it.


The Ubuntu/Apache instructions should work still. Basically you’re just setting up your LAMP stack, creating a DB, then pulling the Invoice Ninja files over and running composer. I installed mine on Ubuntu 16.04 with PHP7 (7.0.22 right now) and it’s working fine. Just don’t use PHP 7.2 yet, as it seems to cause issues.

A new and updated tutorial on How to Install Invoice Ninja on Debian 9 has been posted on