Deactivate V4 recurring invoices

I just migrated to V5 and wanted to ensure V4 won’t be sending out recurring invoices with automatic payment processing on the first of Feb. I don’t want my customers to receive two invoices and then I have to go through and reverse so many invoices… that would be a lot of work I really want to avoid. How do I ensure that V4 won’t be sending out recurring invoices, and those will only go out from V5?


You can check that forwarding is enabled on Settings > Account Management to ensure that v4 is deactivated.

I noticed an email that came through today, which stated;

In you new v5 account, please navigate to Settings>Account Management, in the tab “Overview” click “Activate Company”:

That will activate v5 and deactivate v4.

I did that earlier, and so based on this, I expect that v4 will not send out recurring invoices, and v5 will?

Yes, that is correct