Date-variables in 'Invoice Item' report


I use the standard ‘Invoice Item’ report. I use date-variables (e.g :Month, :Year etc.) in the description field of the invoices .

But when I download the default ‘Invoice Item’ report, the variables are still :Month :Year in stead of the replaced/actual value of the invoice sent.

Is it possible to download the report with the actual values as sent?



@david any thoughts on this, are the variables in the invoice items replaced with the actual values?

The recurring invoices would have :MONTH placeholders, however the generated invoices have the variables replaced.

If the variables are used in a standard invoice I think they’ll need to be replaced either when saving or marking the invoice as sent.

Thanks for boths comments. But my point is: the date-variables aren’t replaced in the standard Invoice-Item report.

See the attached screenshots.

  1. Screenshot of sent invoice with correct replacement of the Year-variable with the real Year-value:

  2. Screenshot of the standard Invoice-report result. And here you see that the :YEAR placeholder isn’t replaced by the real year.

    The used report-option:

So, I think it’s a bug in the Ninja report-option…

Please, can someone help me?