Date Input Field

Is there a way to input dates on the New Expense screen that doesn’t require typing the entire date in the long format? I know there is a drop down calendar for date entry but that’s very slow for older dates, it’s much quicker to type the date directly.

The problem is that I have ‘Feb 3, 2022’ selected as my date format as that’s how I want it to appear on invoices. Now it seems that I’m locked into that date format for entry as well. Entering dates for old expenses is particularly slow as you can’t use 2/3/22 or anything else other than the exact ‘Feb 3, 2022’. Even the comma has to be there and the F has to be capitalized - ‘feb 3, 2022’ fails. So does any attempt to shorten the year such as ‘Feb 3, 22’

If this already exists, please tell me how and, if it doesn’t, please consider this a feature request to accept short form date entry in input fields no matter what format is selected for invoices. An intelligent input field would be appreciated. Thank you.


The dates supports a short format using MMDD (or DDMM).

ie. 216 => Feb 16th or 027 => Feb 7th

We’re looking into also supporting MM/DD/YY

Thank you, yes that works. Actually, importantly to me as well, 021621 MMDDYY also works for other years. Huzzah!

That must have been the one thing I didn’t try. :slight_smile:

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