Date being added to Stripe Description

We’ve had a request to remove the date from the start of the description when Stripe is used to process a payment. Unfortunately I’m struggling to find out where this is being “added”.

I looked at app/PaymentDrivers/Stripe/CreditCard.php line 65 - where it has the description variable. But I’m not seeing the date variable being added here. Do you know if this is a setting that can be toggled? or if not, where in the code this is being controlled?



@david can you please advise?


I can’t see anywhere that we inject the date in the description at all:

$description = "Invoices: {$invoice_numbers} for {$data['total']['amount_with_fee']} for client {$this->stripe->client->present()->name()}";

I’ve also check Stripe and I don’t see the date being prefixed anywhere. Is it possible that you have some kind of macro on your account which is prepending the date?

Thanks for the feedback David. I realized that I had made a modification to the code that I originally thought was only pulling in the “public notes” - but it also was adding the date.

$first_invoice_item_additional_info = $data[‘invoices’][0][‘additional_info’];
$description = “{$first_invoice_item_additional_info} Invoices: {$invoice_numbers} for {$data[‘total’][‘amount_with_fee’]} for client {$this->stripe->client->present()->name()}”;

I’ve since removed the $first_invoice_item_additional_info and that did the trick. Sorry for the bother.