Database Maintenance

I have our invoice ninja setup with our shared web host… Recently the database has exceeded their limitations… We have only been using the program for a few months, and the database is 785 mb (750 mb is the account limit) CPanel has a Repair database, but no compact database… not sure it would help much anyway… Any suggestions on things I can trim? are activity logs part of the data, can they be deleted and left out? or do I need to upgrade my hosting plan? I am afraid what size I am going to be looking at in a year…

@david do you have any suggestions?


The backups table is most likely the problem here. We made a change recently which moves the backups (we snapshot the invoice each time it is updated) into the filesystem rather than the database.

If you have command line access you can run

php artisan ninja:backup-update

And this will move any existing database backups into the filesystem.

This should free up db space and resolve your issue.

Thank you for the suggestion… I ran the command line and got the response below.

Could I go into phpMyAdmin and deleting the records manually in the backup table?
probably not recommended…

I appreciate your help

I did end up going into phpMyAdmin and after backing up the database, I emptied the Backups table, the only associated field was a reference number to the Activites table so it seemed fairly harmless… After optimizing the database it ultimately took me from 800Mb down to 20Mb
I am curious as to the purpose of these backup entries. I really see no way to restore anything, or even browse them… why backup up something that is fairly unuseable once backed up.? Perhaps I am missing something though…

this means your system isn’t up to date, there were some database changes in a later version to support this.

The table name probably could be better than just “backups” it just defines a location where we store the snapshots of previous invoices/quotes/credits.