Database Activity Types

Can someone provide a list of ALL the activity_item_id’s that are recorded in the database “Activity” table. it is clear this table records everything that the system does and is much easier to read than the chaos laravel logs (which dont give any information when things are not working).

I am going round and round with the PDF generator in V5.1.61 and have followed EVERY troubleshooting hint with no change. Tried getting an API key from Phantom (doesnt work as i am sure it is because I do not have a Secret, which is also not listed in the documentation as to what this should be, tried everything i can think of), tried re-installing everything.

before someone replies that I should “php artisan optimize”, learnt that the hard way, so do that after every change of the env file and database records.

This is so frustrating on what otherwise is a great product.


You can see the activity ids here:

What error are you seeing in the logs?

The secret an be any random value, we’ll clarify the docs.

After all the stress of going round in circles, this helped as i could track what was happening in parallel with the laravel logs. I might have found a bug though. Once an invoice has been created when going to view the pdf, the loading ring spins for ever, however, whilst it is loading you click on the “delivery note”, then click on delivery note again, the loading stops and after about 2 seconds the PDF displays.

Tried to check the quote section, but that is broken and creates an invoice in the quote section.

These sound like two different problems:

  • Are there any errors in the logs?

  • If you can share a screencast it would be very helpful.

Note: v5.1.62 is the latest version.

the quote section is broken again so i plan to completely reinstall. see the loom screen video of the invoice bug.

Will retry a GIT install instead of softaculous as i find they are behind on updates

Thanks for the video! Delivery notes aren’t supported with quotes, in the next version of the app the option will be hidden.

the selecting the delivery note, then unselecting the delivery note made the PDF of the invoice or quotes visible. without checking and unchecking the box, the PDF would just continue to load.

As softaculous did not have the update to .62 yet, I just completely rebuilt the system from GIT and now all seems to be working relatively smoothly. Am now looking into the customisation of both invoices and email templates as this was a previous problem.