Data available in DB but not Showing on Dashboard

Hi Guys,

I can see the data the DB under clients and invoices but when I check the dashboard it doesn’t display the invoice or the client?

Is there a manual way to refresh DB or push the data through again without recreating the data?

How were the invoices and clients created?

They were created via the web, as they did create another invoice again and that showed successfully.

What I did find out thou, was that the internet connection was slow during that time.

The email notification for the invoice was generated but no actual invoice shows up on the dashboard or in the invoices or the client created as well on the GUI.

Would the internet connection affect it?

I wouldn’t think that would cause it.

is there a way to populate the data on the dashboard from the db?
Or to recreate the invoice without manually doing the invoice over?

I’m sorry, I don’t understand your questions. The data shown on the dashboard is generated from the data in the db.

understand, the question is how come that specific invoice is not showing up on the dashboard?
It is in the DB but not showing up on the dashboard, wanted to know how can I manually update the DB so that the dashboard shows the invoice

Delete the record and recreate it again with the same invoice number?

Is the invoice marked as sent?

will provide you with an update later on this evening would need to query the db