Customize Quote Template


is there any possibility to customize the quote layout? All I can find is the appropriate option for an invoice.

thanks in advance!


Yes, where are you looking in the app?

There is a “Quote Design” option in addition to “Invoice Design”.

What’s the path?

I thought the custom designs can be reused for all pdfs.

@david can you please advise?

Note: as a temporary workaround you can use the desktop app.

I only can see “Advanced Settings” → “Invoice Design”. There I could assign another template for quotes, but there is no way to layout it the same way I can do it for an invoice.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean.

If you scroll down on that page there is a “Quote Details” section you can select the fields to include like with invoices.

I see. Okay, so there is no way to customize the layout of a quote so that it differs from the appropriate invoice (that is shown in the preview, e.g.)? Or is the solution to create another template? Guess so, right?

A design is independent from the entity it is being generated for. So you would create a new design, and then apply that design as the default quote design.

It does not matter which version of the application you use, it is the same.