Customize PayPal Page

I set up PayPal (express) payments for my bills which works fine so far, however I’d like to customize a few things. Displaying a logo at PayPal’s payment page and a custom shop name (not email address). I know this is possible to do via IPN things as it’s working with my direct-shop billing system (same PayPal account btw) and I’d appreciate if you could add that to this payment gateway. I attached a picture to show what I mean.


customize paypal (imgur)

By default the app hides some of the PayPal fields, you can show them in the UI by commenting out the code here:

Is there any particular reason to hide this fields? I first though they’re chosen automatically. I’ll try it now if this does what I need. :wink:

And do I have to set a return link or is it created automatically?

  • I believe they were hidden to simplify the setup.
  • The return URL will be automatically set.

This did the trick. Last thing on this: What’s the difference between logo URL and header URL? And it seems that the border color is not passed properly. PayPal doesn’t display it. Could you add the no shipping value to next release as sometimes buyers pick up their order in local store and I don’t need their PayPal address then.

I’m not sure on the differences, you may want to check the PayPal docs.

The available fields are defined in the library we use:

Thanks, seems this library needs to be updated then (now with cpp-… prefix) but logo was more important for me.