Customize invoice design - products and item positions in table

Hi guys and thanks for this wonderful Software :slight_smile:

I want do customize the invoice design as follows:

  • When adding items, you have to fields in invoiceninja (product and notes)
    But in the pdf, both fields appear in separate columns and I couldn’t find any way, to position the labels in rows, to achieve something similar to this:

So, in bold the item/product and below in normal font the item details. Is it somehow possible to achieve this in the design?

Thanks in advance and regards,

This will be supported in v5

In v4 one workaround is to include both the title and description in the product description and remove the product key from the invoice on Settings > Invoice Design > Product Fields. You can surround words with * and ** for bold and italics.

thanks for the fast reply :slight_smile:

is also possible to create linebreaks in the description or list of bulletpoints ?

Standard line breaks should work

I don’t think bullet points are supported but maybe you can fake it with ascii bullets •