Customize Filter Columns

Hey guys,

Looking at InvoiceNinja, it looks like exactly what we need. The only issue is that when invoices/clients are created, names can be miss-spelled, etc. I’m looking to see if there will be an option to search quotes, invoices, clients by their phone number instead.

Right now, it looks like I can add that as a column in the CLIENT section. Which will work great if they filter worked for it. It looks like only “Name”, “Email” are working. But if I add a column for “Contact Phone” it is not filters.

This seems like a pretty substantial issue for us. Since we will have thousands of invoices/quotes over time, and multiple users, and it won’t be practical to search by name only (miss spellings, same name clients, etc). Phone number is more distinctive and will be necessary.

In the INVOICE it only gives options for “CLIENT NAME” and “CLIENT EMAIL”, which both work as filters. However, I’d really like a way to filter with the phone number in either the client or quote, or invoice section.

Any ideas if it’s just a bug or something?


I believe this should be supported in the desktop/mobile apps.

@david this may need to be added in the web app.