Customize Dashboards

Good morning,
My name is Gabriel Crespo. I was wondering if there’s any way to customize de Dasboard boxes. Right now the information they are displaying is not very useful to me.

Gabriel Crespo

You’d need to self host the app and customize the code.

What information would you like to see?

Hello !

I’m searching a way to customize things on the dashboard too.
Most particularly, i would like to add an “accepted” status button on the quotes to change the status
before convert it to invoice.

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If you disable ‘Auto convert quote’ on /settings/invoice_settings when the quote is approved in the client portal it isn’t converted to a quote.

Hi Hillel,
I’d like to have information about the invoices without the taxes (taxes are for the government, not for me :)). In addition, the dashboard in the middle doesn’t look to show any logical information… I can’t match those numbers with anything.

Gabriel Crespo

Thanks for the feedback!

Not sure why the numbers don’t match up, I’d suggest checking a single day to see if it matches.

Hi again,
It looks like the first number in the middle dashboard is some kind of average value maybe? Do you know how is it calculated?

Gabriel Crespo

It’s the average amount of sent invoices.

Average per week? Per day? Per month? I can’t find a good number there…

Gabriel Crespo

The black number is for all invoices, the blue number uses the selected range.

Ok, I think I just got it out thanks to your last explanation: it’s not related to any time period, but to the number of invoices. Not useful in my case, but it makes sense.

If you plan to make these numbers customizable, please let me know!

Thank you and regards,
Gabriel Crespo

Hello Hillel,

Thanks for your reply.

My purpose is to “force” manually the status to “accepted quote”
from the dashboard. For example, when a customer called me by phone to validate.

Do you have an idea on how i can do this ?

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You’d need to disable ‘Auto convert quote’ and then click through to the invoice and then client portal to click approve.

Also need to customize dashboard… lots of changes… but primarily, I don’t want the total there… I have employee users logging in and don’t want that data to be there front and center, also if I log in at a client site I don’t want that huge on the dashboard when I log in.

also an all time income count doesn’t mean much anyway, maybe if it was for a specific time period?

In the latest version the totals are hidden from non-admin users

It would be awesome for an option for the total revenue number on the left to be the “Year Ago” value instead. For example when I look at my revenue for the current month, I’d like to also see what my revenue was for the same month last year. The same would be true for QTRs or custom date periods.