Customisation of $view_button


Our customers are driving me a touch mad, so is there a way I can customise the wording on the $view_button? I’ve trialed using the $payment_button but it seems to default to PayPal during testing which is not what we really want, and I much prefer the landing page of $view_button. I’d love a way to make it clearer that if they click that giant blue button on the email, they can then pay their invoice! I’ve seen this asked and answered for self-hosted users, but is there anything I can do that’ll save my sanity?

Thank you in advance for any advice or gentle let-downs you can give! :slight_smile:


You can add view_invoice as a custom label on Settings > Localization > Custom Labels to change the words.


Thank you so much, it’s much appreciated!

Glad to hear it’s working, thanks for the update!

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