Customers not visible in app

hi there, since yesterday i do not see my customers in the apps (mac and iPhone). I can see them in the browser. But on the apps the customer page is empt. All other content is being displayed. What can cause this behaviout?
clearing cache did not work…
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Do you see the clients in both the Flutter and React web app?

Have you tried logging out and then back in?

I do not see clients in Flutter, nor on my macbook not in the iphone. I only see them wenn using a browser. I have tried login in and out, but no change. Best, Markus

In the browser you can change between Flutter and React apps, which one are you using?

Do you see other data like invoices and payments?

Having the same issue on my end as well. The customers/client tab just shows a blank white screen on the Windows app but everything works and loads normally. The browser has no issues. Using Flutter btw.

Which versions of the Windows and web app are you using? You can check by clicking the about icon in lower left corner.

Windows App: v5.4.12-W125
Web App: v5.4.12-C88

Thanks, it looks like you’re using the latest version of the Windows app with an older version of the server app. Upgrading to the latest version (v5.7.25) may help.

Okay I will give that a try this weekend and see how it goes. Thank you!

After updating to the latest version on our server, clients are back in the apps that were updated before the server was updated. So this is solved. Kind regards, c–

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Glad to hear it, thanks for the update!