Customers not showing

I have approx. 50 recurring invoices currently active on my system, they all include the relevant business details etc. but when I click on “Clients” - it is blank and I have no clients to see. yet all invoices (recurring) are visible when I click “Recurring Invoices” -

  1. Is this potentially a problem?
  2. is there a way to move all recurring invoice clients details to show within the “Clients” tab


Do you see the same problem with both web apps?

Old -
New -

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invoicing is showing client list - no problem their
app.invoicing is NOT showing client list
So the Old version is working as it should be but the new one is not

Thanks, @david @ben do you have any suggestions?

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Do you have text in the filter section here? this could be the reason clients are not displaying.

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Stupid mistake on my behalf, so sorry guys and and thank you for your support, I had a name typed in the “filter” field and did not see it, as soon as I deleted it - the clients re-populated.
Sorry to have wasted your time.

Glad to hear it!

@david @ben it may be good to clear the filter when a user navigates to the list page to help prevent this.

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