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I use ‘Tasks’ to track time and then take pictures of work done which are uploaded as a document to their invoice. I also take pictures of receipts for job supplies and put them in expenses. The client portal shows links in an ‘Attachments:’ line for everything attached which appears when viewing the invoice.

This is where it goes wonky in the client portal…the attachment links go to a new tab that has a details screen with another link to ‘Open in new tab’ which is clunky. There isn’t anything shown when clicking documents on the left bar and going to any of the tabs. Any way to streamline this somehow? Customers won’t spend the time to cycle through 9 tabs to view 3 pictures.

Also, activity tab when checking Invoices show a gray box and the Android app still shows all tasks as logged. Thanks.

I kinda see what your saying, just to explain. From the tasks tab of the documents the user can download directly from there.

If they choose to click on the link, we need to show this intermediate page as we don’t know if the document can be displayed in the webbrowser, hence why there is the overview page with another download link or a open to view action.

I attach pics using ‘Edit Invoice’ but this screen in the client portal is blank for all tabs. Also pic of the activity gray box that I have to scroll past.

mmmm, ok, i guess it makes sense to download directly from the invoice page, i’ll add this to my backlog.

Just an update, in the next release, click on the attachments from the invoice page will download them directly. Feels much better to use. Thanks for the feedback!

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That is a better experience for sure, thanks.

How do I populate this screen? I was expecting it to show docs for all invoices?

Does that particular client have documents associated with invoices?

I can use the ‘Clients’ tab to add documents and it will show in the portal under ‘My documents’ but nothing shows for ‘Invoices’. Same one from above so I was expecting backdoorpole.jpg to show in the ‘Invoices’ list along with many others.

I understand what you mentioned about not knowing if a file can be opened but the ‘My documents’ screen shows the DOWNLOAD column with a cloud button which makes sense but the View button goes to the intermediary screen. If it won’t try and view the file maybe it should say details or something instead.

There is a Payments tab on top as well but you can’t attach docs to payments or at least I can’t find it?

I’m not sure, I just tested by uploading a document to the invoice

then it displayed in the docs tab

is this the same as what you are doing?

I do it in the edit invoice screen but essentially the same as what your screenshot is.

Found it, they go away in the client portal when I archive the invoice. Better if the portal always gives access to their docs maybe? That plus the view button trying to open a doc would be great. Thumbnails of the docs would be superb.

Can’t find a way to upload documents to tasks either.



Settings > Client Portal > Settings

enable client upload, does this allow you to upload from the client portal?

I think i misunderstood, you can upload docs from the overview tab.

I found that you can upload documents from the overview of tasks but can’t when editing a task. Can’t find anything in payments.

I can upload docs and they are viewable in the client portal until I archive the invoice. I archive them so it cleans up my to do list but shouldn’t docs be always visible for a client in the portal? Only the invoices and payments screens are populated otherwise.

I’ll look into the archived docs issue, and get a fix in for that one.

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Patched up to 5.5.45 but I can’t seem to find a way to attach payment documents and the invoice documents still seem to be removed from the client portal once they are archived. I have set it to attach documents to the email which is a great way for the customer to see them initially.

The customer upload shows ‘Allowed file types: png, ai, svg, jpeg, tiff, pdf, gif, psd, txt, doc, xls, ppt, xlsx, docx, pptx’ which I’m guessing are all viewable in a web browser. Would be nice to qualify files from my side too so that intermediary page is skipped and goes to a new tab viewing the file. Having it trigger a download like the change on the invoice preview would be better possibly. Saves some clicks and confusion from clients. Thank you for your help.


Thanks for highlighting this, I have a fix for this in the next release.