Customer portal - Cookie notification - Change link to privacy policy


my version v5.7.9-W123, self-hosted in Docker.
When you access the customer portal, a cookie notice is displayed (This website uses cookies to ensure that you get the best result on our website. Find out more), where you can access the data protection policies via the “Find out more” link. The link points to the page “Data Privacy - Invoice Ninja. I would like to view my own guidelines via this link. Where can I enter the relevant data?

Thank you for your support


Try setting a privacy policy on Settings > Client Portal > Settings.

Note: I noticed a recent change for this functionality, it may depend on the next release.

Thanks. My own are already entered there and these are also displayed. I’m not concerned with the two links in the customer portal, but with the cookie information.

I’m not sure if that’s supported, you may want to create an issue on GitHub.