"Customer" field in Braintree Transaction Report

Hi Hillel,

I’m not sure it’s an Invoice Ninja issue - might just as well be on Braintree’s side - but I wanted to point out that the customer field is empty in Braintree reports. I guess it might not be receiving the info (first name / last name) from Invoice Ninja with the rest of the details (even if these details are specifically included in Invoice Ninja’s first+last name fields). Maybe that’s normal - I’ve only been using Invoice Ninja so I can’t compare it to other platforms.

Braintree does get the name as a part of the billing section, which isn’t as good because of their really bad interface (it’s necessary to go into each every transaction to see which customer it is). Maybe it’s supposed to generate the customer field itself based on the billing section, but here too I can’t draw any comparisons to other gateways because I’ve only been using Braintree.

I guess my question is: Are the name fields in Invoice Ninja “only” meant to be used on Invoice Ninja itself (inner book keeping, communication with customers) or are they also meant to be transmitted to the gateway? I thought it’s the latter but maybe I misunderstood it to begin with.

I’ve reviewed the code, it looks like we should be sending the data.

Are you able to review the API logs in the Braintree portal?

If I can, I don’t know how to do it. But I see that on Braintree, under Settings / Webhooks, it says “You currently have no webhooks”, which makes me wonder if I might have connected Invoice Ninja to Braintree the wrong way?

We don’t use Braintree webhooks

Okay so that’s not the reason for the missing names. Should Invoice Ninja be a “Connected Application”? That list is also empty.

On the page with the API key for my Braintree user I can delete it or generate a new one, but I don’t see any option to download logs.

Ok, I’ll try to replicate the problem when working on the next release.

Thank you so much & shabbat shalom

Have been in touch with braintree. They write that my third party service (Invoice Ninja) populates the billing/shipping fields with the client’s name but not their dedicated “client name” field. They want to help to sort this out and say that their support team will walk the developers through. Just thought I’d mentioned it so you’d know they’re also interested.

Thanks for the info!

We use a third party library, they’d need to implement the change for it to work in our app.


Okay, is that open source? It seems the last update was a year ago…

Yes, it’s open source.

Since it hasn’t been updated in a while, I guess there’s little reason to expect a fix?

If you’d like you can create an issue on the GitHub repo.


Hillel, just wondering: Is that open source project somehow related to “First Data”?

“OmniPay is First Data’s™ multi-currency, multi-country acquiring technology of choice for cost effective, efficient payment processing.”

Or is it a coincidence that both use the same name?

I thinks it’s just a coincidence that they both have the same name.

Update: I don’t who fixed it (Braintree? Omnipay?) but it has been fixed and the customer’s name is being populated, at least with manual invoices (which I’ve been using so far).

Question: If I use “buy now” links and don’t ask the clients for their billing address (which I don’t need), will the card holder’s name be used to populate the customer’s name field?

Update #2: Please ignore my last question, the issue is resolved. Thank you for your help!

Great to hear, let us know if you have any other questions.