Customer adding tip

Do one of the payment gateways allow customers to add a tip to their invoice? I’m considering the move over from using Square for my business & spent today using the trial version. I’m really liking what I’m seeing until I realized that there isn’t an option for customers to add a tip. I sent myself an invoice as a test & had setup PayPal as the checkout option (I haven’t explored other payment options yet). This is a big part of my service based business, so I’d love to know if I need to set things up differently to be able to allow this. Thanks!

Tips aren’t supported in the current version of the app, you’d need to manually update the invoice

Thanks for your quick reply, appreciate it! That’s a bummer. I’ll try to keep an eye out to see if the option for customers to leave a tip on invoices will be added. Happy to switch whenever that gets added since I’m really loving all of the template features, custom reminders, and options Invoice Ninja has to offer. That added income is a big part of service based businesses though, so I have to think about the added income we accumulate through tips over ease of use at the moment. Thanks though!