Custom variable doesn't work anymore

I’m using IN v5.1.70-M49.
I created a custom field in settings → custom fields → clients as described here.

A week ago, I could use this variable in my template via $client.client1.

Today I recognized that the variable doesn’t work anymore. In my template it is simply written as $client.client1 instead of the actual value of the variable.

Seems to me like this problem came with one of the last updates. Can someone confirm this problem?


Thanks for reporting this!

cc @david @ben

Hey there, thanks for reporting. Looking at the code, we don’t have $client.client1 variable in the code?

@david was there any change recently on this?

I had mentioned adding support for $client.custom1 but we’d need to retain support for $client.client1.

The variable is $client1 and hasn’t been modified in a very long time. I’ll add in $client.custom1 as an alias

Thanks! Can you please add support across all entities, ie. $invoice.custom1, $quote.custom1, etc. I’ll update the variables listed in the admin portal.

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Related to this, would a custom surcharge be $invoice.surcharge1 or $invoice.custom_surcharge1

I think I prefer $invoice.custom_surcharge1

I have $custom_surcharge1

This enables us to use the same variable across any entity… this is helpful when cloning across entity types.