Custom Value for quotes

Hi there, trying to get this system linked up to my internal systems. Basically what I am trying to do is after a quote is created my internal systems access the DB table quotes and pulls the quote data and pass it to our system that creates our contracts. Where I am hitting a hurdle that I think is a settings issue but not sure how to track it down tho. Under Settings in the admin section. When I look under settings β†’ advanced settings β†’ custom fields I can see custom fields for company clients products ect… However nothing for qoutes. when i look in db with phpmyadmin and look at the database setup in the quotes table there are several custom_value fields. How do add a custom field for quotes?

in Settings > Custom Fields there is a quotes tab, you can add them there.

there is nothing about quotes here??? thats why i am here looking for help. There is in the database an entry for custom fields for quote but there is no way to set them that i can see


ahh, gotcha. I think @hillel can help with this, i believe the database schema is ready for them

If you define the fields for invoices they should also appear for quotes. It’s common for people to convert quote to invoices we the app keeps the fields between them the same.

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ok, so I defined them in settings/custom fields and found the issue. Thank you and all your team. You have an amazing platform. Keep up the great work

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