Custom payment terms for client not working

Our default Terms are Net 30. We have one client that is Net 45. In v4, this custom amount had to be edited in the Terms tab. This appears to be still the case. Also related to this is that Due Date does not seem to be calculating at all. This used to happen on invoice creation. Now the field remains blank even on the Save.


The due date is set when the invoice is either emailed or marked as sent.

I get that keeps the due date from getting stale if the invoice is not sent the same day it is created but that seems to eliminate quality control. This particular client will only pay a reduced percentage of the invoice if the terms are Net 30 and you are saying that I don’t get to see this date until the invoice goes out to the client. Scary.

You can mark the invoice as sent to set the due date but not have it sent to your client.

With respect, that seems kludgy. (Former app developer here). I have to trust that my users are going to adapt correctly to this new workflow. Perhaps the date could be calculated on create and RE-calculated when marked Sent?

More info. I tested the Due Date calculation and I see that the date is set correctly for the terms set in the client document but I still have to edit the Terms on the Terms tab which is what the customer sees. I suppose I could envision other users needing a complex set of requirements entered in this field by default but it would be nice to have a toggle or something in the client document that makes the custom terms be used in the Terms tab. Big ask?

Thanks for the feedback, feel free to create issues here to request the changes: