Custom Logo in Client Dashboard Header

Hi guys

I have the self hosted version and purchased white label. I want to place my logo in the header (left of the navigation) on the client dashboard. Instead of combing through the PHP I figured I’d ask if anyone has done this and if so, where do I place the code for it.

I’d love the use the Custom CSS option so that it survives updates but nothing I try there has worked.

Any advice is appreciated.


I believe you’d need to modify the code.

logo of invoiceninja will not be deleted
I did a self-host. how can i adjust it now i have created Invoice Ninja - v4.5.14 | White labeled

I would also like to place a logo.png on my footer of my invoice is also possible

thanks in advance

Maybe you’re logged into the app, can you cry testing using incognito mode or with a different browser.

It’s possible using a custom design, you can base64 encode the image and then hard code it in the design.

oke maar ben niet zo goed met code ik heb hier onder. deze link heb ik aangepast met mijn eigen logo maar jullie eigen logo blijft staan ik kan die van mij niet vinden

alvast bendankt

okay but am not so good with code i have listed below. I have modified this link with my own logo, but your own logo remains, I cannot find mine

Thanks in advance

Sorry, I’m not sure

you can also add the dutch bank to bank account

Thanks in advance

Hi we are using white label self hosting and are trying to change the background color behind the logo on the dashboard and login screens.
Anyone know where to find this code to change the color?


Okay I have some of this worked out…
In the Settings go to “Client Portal” -> “Settings” -> “Custom CSS”
In the box paste

.navbar  { background-color: #a30000!important; }

This will make the top bar red.

If you add something like…
body { background-color: grey; }

That will set the background color grey. Just use basic CSS and inspect the page to figure out what tags to change.

Now for the user portal…
No clue. I have not figured out what to hack to change the css for that yet.