Custom language template

I have installed the self-hosted version to try it out and see if it might be an option for some clients.

Is there an option to add your own language pack? I’ve tried copying one folder in (resources/lang/en_AU) and tried to rename the folder to see if it appeared as an option in the language settings but it didn’t.

I understand an option is to edit the existing language files, but those changes will get lost when the app is updated. So I’m looking for a way to preserve the changes.

The en_AU translation uses ‘Qutoe’ throughout. I know it can be changed in for the invoice view, but I’m looking at ways to change it throughout to ‘Estimate’. In Australia ‘Quote’ and ‘Estimate’ have two very clear differences in terms of legality when sent to a customer - ‘Quote’ is binding, whilst ‘Estimate’ can be adjusted somewhat. Therefore some AU businesses might rather use ‘Estimate’ then ‘Quote’.

Thanks in advance.

To add the option to the dropdown you need to add a record in the languages table and then clear the cache by adding ?clear_cache=true to the URL.

Couldn’t get that to work and just had a read through Developer Guide and found instructions that the texts.php file needs to be manually created in /storage

In /storage I have created the folder lang and in that folder I created en_AU (default language for my installation is en_AU) and placed a texts.php file there.
Unfortunately the language file in /storage doesn’t seem to get fetched, I’ve tried clearing the cache a number of times - is there anything else that needs to be done?


return $LANG = [
    'quote' => 'Estimate',
    'quotes' => 'Estimates',
    'quote_number' => 'Estimate Number',
    'quote_number_short' => 'Estimate #',
    'quote_date' => 'Estimate Date',
    'quote_total' => 'Estimate Total',
    'your_quote' => 'Your Estimate',
    'new_quote' => 'New Estimate',
    'create_quote' => 'Create Estimate',
    'edit_quote' => 'Edit Estimate',
    'archive_quote' => 'Archive Estimate',
    'delete_quote' => 'Delete Estimate',
    'save_quote' => 'Save Estimate',
    'email_quote' => 'Email Estimate',
    'clone_quote' => 'Clone To Estimate',
    'view_quote' => 'View Estimate',


Sorry, that feature isn’t supported (I’ll make sure the docs are updated).

Why was it removed? Would definitely be the best way to go for adjusting certain word/texts in the language files instead of the original files?

This feature was added by a community member however after it was added a serious bug was found which required us to disable it.