Custom labels work in Invoice Design preview, but not in actual invoices

I’m using v5.0.43-C37.
Previously I had issues with custom labels not coming through on invoices.
Now they come through on the invoice design preview, but not in actual invoices.

I’ve changed “Invoice” to “Tax Invoice” and “Quantity” to “Qty”. Both show up in modified form on the invoice preview in design system. Neither show up in freshly generated invoices though.

Any suggestions?

Hey there,

Just for the clarification, can you please attach the screenshot or PDF?


Here is what shows up in PDF of an actual invoice:

Here is what shows up in Invoice designer preview:

As you can see, it only has “INVOICE” and “Quantity” instead of “Qty” on the actual invoice.

Hey there, meanwhile we shipped a few upgrades, can you please update to the latest version and give it a try? If it happens again, please let us know. :+1:

I did a git pull just prior to my last post. Version v5.0.50-C38

No worries then, thanks for updating. I’ll try to replicate this and will let you know :+1:

Hey there, unfortunately I am not able to replicate this. Here’s what I did:



Invoice: image

@david can you please double-check? Thanks!