Custom Fields for Tasks just do not work

I have done the following:

  1. Added a named Custom Field called Date with a type of Date. (see attached)
  2. Put the Date Custom field column as the first item in the invoice design customization for tasks. (see attached)
  3. Filled out the Date custom field in the invoice with a valid date (see attached)

The value does not show up in the invoice. (see attached)

What am I missing? Has anyone else gotten this to work?


As a workaround it may help to use the desktop app instead.

@david @ben can you please advise?

It seems the desktop app works better than the website. Thanks for the information, I seem to have it working now. I have another question for you. When you have an invoice with task line items, it automatically totals the cost amount which is good. Is there any way to make it also total up the hours? I played around with the configuration and didn’t see any way, but it seems like this is definitely something it should be able to do. I found this thread: Show the total hours spent on all tasks of the invoice but there doesn’t seem to be any resolution.

Sorry, it isn’t currently supported.

I think there’s an issue tracking this request on GitHub, you can upvote it to show your interest.