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How to display only the invoice number counter and the current year in the custom fields company?

For example, my invoice number is Rxx-1-1-2023, and I want to display only xx-2023 there. If I use the code $invoice_number, it will display the entire number, which I don’t want. Also, I don’t want to change the invoice format; I just need to display it in this shortened format in one place.

If I use the code:
HR00 {$counter}-{$year}

it doesn’t display anything, it just shows for example HR00 {}-{}


Sorry, I don’t believe this is supported.

I corresponded a bit with chat gpt and he says this

To achieve the desired result within the JSON structure, you can use a simple template placeholder and then replace it with the formatted invoice number in your code. Here’s the modified code:

  "stack": [
      "text": "Reference number: HR00 $formatted_invoice_number"
  "alignment": "right",
  "margin": [

Then, in your code, you can replace $formatted_invoice_number with the actual formatted invoice number using the appropriate programming language. For example, in JavaScript:

// Given input
const inputText = "Reference number: HR00 R43-1-1-2023";

// Extracting the invoice number
const invoiceNumber = inputText.split(' ')[2]; // Assuming the invoice number is the third word after splitting by spaces

// Formatting the invoice number
const formattedInvoiceNumber = invoiceNumber.slice(1, 3) + "-" + invoiceNumber.slice(8);

// Replace the placeholder with the formatted invoice number
const modifiedText = yourJsonCode.stack[0].text.replace("$formatted_invoice_number", formattedInvoiceNumber);

console.log(modifiedText); // Output: "Reference number: HR00 43-2023"

By following this approach, you can dynamically replace the placeholder with the formatted invoice number within your existing JSON structure.

now I’m interested in which file I can add this second code and in that way create a new $short_code

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