Custom field reporting

I’ve setup a custom field dropdown in products:

  1. Design
  2. Printing

I would like to pull a report of sales per category. I had to create the product custom field instead of invocie custom field as an invoice will have a mix of products including design and printing.

How would I pull that report?


You can use the invoice item report

Ohk… Thats helpful thanks

On the top, There is a section that read:
Currency | Count | Price | Qauntity | Total

Please rectify me where im wrong but these are:

Currency: Currency used in invoice
Count: The amount of times this product appears in all invoices
Price: What does this mean?
Quantity: The quantity of the product sold
Total: What does this mean?

The price is the line item cost, the total is the total for the line item (ie. qty * price +/- discount).