Custom field length

Hello all,
to write a short introduction for my offers, I use a multiline custom field. This is displayed above the product table.
I have now noticed that the length is limited to about 190 characters. Also, unfortunately, the field does not accept manual line breaks (only with html).
Is this intended?

Or is there another way to write a text above the product table?

PS: Product descriptions unfortunately also do not accept line breaks (even with html). Would be nice if that is possible.


@david any thoughts on the field limit?

You can disable markdown on Settings > Account Management or use two line breaks

Another option may be to use a custom deign


All custom values are varchar 191

@RedOrca You can enable markdown (Settings > Account Management) this would then allow you to use markdown to create line breaks and other patterns within the description field.

You can also create a custom design and insert any static text you need in the templates.

Thank you for the quick reply.
Ok, using markdown for line breaks is one way (just not very intuitive in my opinion).

The limitation to 191 characters is very bad.
Writing a static text in the template is no option for me, then I would have to change the template before each offer. This is way too complicated.