Custom Email Template & Logo

In Email Settings, I set the email design to Custom.

In order to show the logo in designer view, I had to embed the $TAG within the IMG as follows:
< img src=“$company.logo” width=“250px”>

However when the email is sent out, it doesnt display correctly like the default template designs. If I add only the tag without the , then it outputs the image RAW data:


Can someone enlighten my misunderstanding please?

EDIT: It does show in Outlook, but not in Google


I’m not sure, is it possible Gmail is blocking the image?

Thank You hillel, I just cant get it to work with a Custom design.

Same code, and the viewed layout is different between Outlook and Google (due to different methods used) however none of the HTML works out. The image gets distorted in Outlook (yes can be fine-tuned) and I gave up, and it just doesnt appear in Google.

The image is attached with the email I noticed (which I prefer anyways) however fine-tuning all the details Ill move into the “dont have enough time” basket for now :frowning: and use the standard template and make do for now.