Custom Email Template HTML

I recently went to customise the template InvoiceNinja uses to send emails through the Custom option in Settings > Email Settings > Email Design and all worked well except for when it came to putting the template in from Settings > Templates & Reminders.

When an actual email sent, none of the markdown or HTML I had put in the Templates & Reminders section for invoice emails rendered properly, showing just the plain text rather than a proper, styled email. There were also no line breaks.

I assume this is a bug and had commented on a GitHub issue that was similar to my question. This forum post is linked to that issue.

Do you know if there’s any fix for this, or if it’s an issue on my part rather than a bug?



@david can you please advise?


Are you able to share the template here so we can debug please.

I doubt I’ll be able to recall the exact template I used, unfortunately, as I’ve reverted to using the plain template until this is fixed. I can, however, give you something close - it was fairly rudimentary.

<style>body, html {  padding: 0;margin: 0; } .header { background-color: #c20064; width: 100vw; } .header img {  width: 50px; height: 50px; margin: 10px; } main { margin: 10px; }</style>

<div class="header"><img src="" alt="HTBrown" width="50" height="50"/></div>