Currency conversion on the invoice?


It is possible to have two currencies on the invoice? I’n from Romania and I need my invoice in RON. But BrainTree and PayPal don’t support this currency.

So I need to issue the invoice in euro for paypal/braintree and to have the total of the invoice converted in Ron.

Is it possible to do that? Can I add with zapier after the payment is made the total in ron?

For example:

  1. the invoice of 33 euro is payid
  2. 1 euro = 4.5 ron
  3. triggering a zap to edit that invoice and add a line Total = 138.5 ron (33 euro * 4.5)

Thank you!

We don’t support editing an invoice with Zapier but maybe you could create two companies and create new invoices in one company when they’re created in the other.

Thank you for your response! I’ve just talked with BrainTree Gateway team and they told me the support RON.

You can certainly charge in RON as well as EUR.

Does this mean if I have an invoice in RON it can be paid and using braintreegateway from ninja invoice pay button?

Yes, if they support it it should work in our app.

I’ve made some tests with zapier but I’ve got the following problems:

  1. how do I select the currency via API ?
    I’ve write in currenyc field: ron, rol, lei, @Romanian New Leu - how it appears in NinjaInvoice Form
    but it sets it to euro…

  2. how do I add the company name via API (clients name?)
    I didn’t find a field named company ?

  3. how do I use a transalted invoice?
    On can I use & transalte an invoice labels? I need it to be in Romanian

  1. it is possible to have a billingual invoice (enghlish & romanian) ?
  1. The email that is sent via can be translated?

  2. Does send invoice reminders for payment, or if an invoice is overdue?

  3. I also need a payment link, can this be done without an invoice, just on the product from invoice ninja?

  4. Some cart integration recommendation if you have?

  5. Quotes are pro-forma invoices? Can I modify, read them using zapier?

I’m interesting if all this question work with and not self-hosted. If they work with self-hosted too I would appreciate it if you can tell me that also!

Thank you very much for your answers and time!

  1. I’m not sure, RON should work.

  2. There should be a ‘Client - Name’ field.

  3. Our translations are managed here:

  4. The labels all need to be one language but the text entered can be multiple languages.

  5. Yes, on /settings/templates_and_reminders

  6. Yes, also on /settings/templates_and_reminders

  7. Yes, ‘Buy Now’ buttons on /settings/client_portal

  8. Sorry, we don’t have a recommendation

  9. You can read them using a Zapier search however they can’t be modified

The buy now button works only with WePay? (I need it to work with BrainTree.)

Thank you!

It works with all gateways.

What a great product! Thank you.

One more question, sorry for bothering!

On the payment form is the a way to add a discount coupon code?

We don’t support coupons.


I’m working at the romanian transalation, I hope to be up soon. I have some questions.

  1. Can I define a recurring product? How I can set an auto-billing from a payment link?

  2. I can’t find how to add another company on my demo account.

  3. If I want to disable One-Click Login, what will happen? How do I login? I can’t change the password, because is asking me for the old password that I don’t have - because I used one-click login from the start. What, I want is to login with user and password and to be able to add users.

  4. Is there a way to download .pdf invoices from a date range?

  5. Can’t find where to see archived invoices, archived tokens and so on.

Thank you!

  1. Can you provide more details, we don’t currently support recurring invoices with ‘Buy Now’ links

  2. If the account is registered you should see ‘Add Company’ when clicking your name in the top right

  3. Use this link in a different browser:

  1. I wanted to set a recurring invoice for the user that buys through the payment link…

  2. Is there a way to download .pdf invoices from a date range?

  3. Can’t find where to see archived invoices, archived tokens and so on.

  1. Recurring invoices currently needed to be created by the admin

  2. This can be done with Zapier

  3. Change the filter on /invoices from ‘Active’ to ‘Archived’, if the client is deleted/archived you’ll need view the client to see them

  1. I need to enter an invovice field with a static value (the series of the invoice, for example ABCD), I saw the customer fields for the invoice, but I don’t have value for them, is there a way to enter that invoice static value field? (like company fields)

  2. I was able to translate the majority of the fields from settings but these 3 fields remained:

a) invoice issued to
b) invoice number
c) invoice date

  • if I was able to translate invoice number I’ve could enter there the series of the invoice (Invoice Series& Number): ABCD0001

Thank you!

  1. I think you’d need to use a custom invoice field and set the value each time

  2. The fields may need to be translated in Transifex

Working at the transaltion…

Can I have this suggestions registered somewhere?

  1. The invoice series - it’s a blockbuster, the law of my country ask for an invoice to have a number and SERIE
  2. A discount coupon on the payment link - another great addition
  3. Auto-billing/Reccurring invoices from the payment link - another great addition

Thank you, very much I hope to see this in the feature.

I see I can edit the footer, can I edit somewhere the header of the invoice?

We don’t support setting a header text but you can modify the header on /settings/customize_design

Ok! Thank you. I was able to enter the series using phone field or other standard field and re-arrange them. I write here if some one has this problem in the feature.