Currency Change


I’ve been looking for a solution in the forum and I have found anything. My problem is as follows:

I receive payments from all over Europe and sometimes I have to do invoices in Danish krone, British Pounds, Romanian Lei, and a bunch of other currencies. When I receive the payment in my country, the bank makes the change of currency to Euro, so the payment appears to be in Euro, not in the original currency. So, I cannot tell the system what change rate has the currency at the payment moment and what commission does my bank keeps (if any), and as a consequence, I cannot have a realistic overview of the profit I’m having because in my bank account appears in one single currency and at InvoiceNinja, I have now 3 different currencies (at this particular moment)
So, I can mark the invoice as paid, but not include the payment in the general Euro accounting. How can I solve this?

Thanks a lot! :smiley:

I think I understand your problem, what would the solution look like?

I’m thinking on having a way to indicate in the payment that the payment has being made in other currency. I mean, keep the original currency in the Payment (to match the invoice), and then add in the same menu “Deposit Money in (for example) Euro”. That way it would include the invoice payment as done (in the original currency), and include the revenue in the desired currency.

Does that look good? I’m not an accountant so maybe there are a lot of flaws in my idea.

It sounds similar to what we support with expenses, you can check ‘Convert currency’ and then specify the details.

We’ll keep it in mind for the future…

Absolutely! I didn’t realize of that option on the expenses menu. That would solve the problem absolutely. In the meantime, I can keep the currencies, but I’d be really glad if you could add that to the Payments menu! :slight_smile:

Just to stay aware, as I will have to do some changes on my invoices, how much time does this feature can take to be included in the payments system?

Thanks a lot! :smiley:

We don’t have immediate plans to add it, you can see current our roadmap here:

The more a feature is requested the sooner we work on it…

Great! I’ll ask for it there. I’ve seen there’s a “Support currency conversion” case opened and on “Upcoming Features”. I’ll support that, as I think it solves my problem :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for the fast response :slight_smile: