CSV Export of an v4 Export can't be imported to v5

I have an .csv export of an failed v4 installation that can’t be upgraded.
I tried to import the csv file inte my new v5 installation and went through the field matching.
After clicking import there is no error mentioned but no data is coming into the newest v5 docker installation.
How should i debug this, or is the .csv import not working this way?
I also tried to use seperated exports for the invoices, customers etc. - same happening there - no error - no data. :confused:


What type of CSV data are you importing?

You may want to test with a simple CSV file to determine where the problem is.

exported .csv files from an invoiceninja v4 instance - i added an example of the “invoices”-export:

"Kunde","E-Mail","Benutzer","Rechnungsnummer","Betrag","Bezahlt","Bestellnummer","Status","Rechnungsdatum","Fälligkeitsdatum","Rabatt","Teil-/Anzahlung","Teilzahlungsziel","Öffentliche Notizen","Private Notizen","Bezeichnung","Beschreibung","Preis","Menge","Steuern","Steuern für Position","Steuern","Steuern für Position"
"examplecustomer","examplecustomer@mail.net","exampleuser","1999-1337","580,00 €","580,00 €","","Bezahlt","1999-11-06","2020-11-20","","0,00 €","","","","Beratung","Product description content","125","2","","0","","0"

Does the client exist in v5?

no - also thought about that. therefor i also tried an .csv with all entitires in one .csv and mapped all together - there the same happend - nothing.

I suggest trying to first import clients and then the invoices.

tried that - just in this second to be double sure - it says: “import sucessfully started” but nothing happens.

i am wrong - that worked but took some time
is there an special order to import the other .csv files?

The referenced records need to exist first, ie. clients referenced in an invoice.

ok - but in the first run i added all separted .csv files and there was no error but the import did nothing - so the importer doesn’t check for itself what to import when.

So are there more relations to keep an eye on?

The same would apply to all record types, for example if an expense is linked to a client the client would need to be created first.

than it would be good if there would be some kind of order for the imports to be shown.

now i was able to import clients, vendors and products… - see if i can get through - thnaks for the support!

@david any thoughts on this? Can the app be made to support importing client and invoice CSV files together?

atm. there is a workflow the allows you to select several .csv files all together and import than in one flow.
so you have to map all fields.
in that step it feels like it could - and doesn’t bother you to do this in an special order.

when the relations are static it could be imported autimatically in the right order - that is what i thought it would do.