CSS template for client portal

Hi guys!

I was wondering if there was a template CSS I could use to customize my client portal. I have close to no knowledge of CSS but I am good at filling things out. So if you have a template, I can figure it out. I wanted to change the color of the black bars to orange (same orange used in modern invoice template) and add my company logo in the top left of the bar. I have a white labeled copy too if that matters.

If anyone has a sample or an example they use, I’d love to see it. Thanks so much!


We plan to show the logo for white labeled users in an upcoming release.

Try these settings to change the color (note: these labels may change in the future)

.navbar {
background-color:#f26621 !important

.bottom {
background-color:#f26621 !important

Hello Hillel,

How would I be able to change the color of the letters to black? Default is white and when changing the color of the header it is very difficult to see.

.navbar a {
color:#000 !important

Thank you!!