Cron Jobs Not Working

We’ve checked every single thing. Like we keep saying over and over again, you need to configure this software for end users NOT pogrammers. Not everyone knows PHP or Unix. We’ve setup everything exactly as stated. The ENV is done correctly and the Cron is configured exactly as stated.

We’re running shared hosting on godaddy. (2) there’s nothing in cpanel were we can type in commands (3) you should just have the software set its own smtp information and not bother with crons. This program is furstrating to even get off the ground!

Crons have been essential since version 4 of the application, we clearly define the requirements of cron configuration here: Free Source Available Invoicing, Expenses & Time-Tracking | Invoice Ninja

Crons are required for scheduling reminders and recurring invoices. You may want to explore using a different hosting provider who can easily provide you access to the cron configuration within cPanel, the issue you are facing has more to do with your choice of web host rather than this software.

We’re using Godaddy and they are a sponsored member of this site, and this site advertises it. How about actually developing a piece of software the average person can install without going through this crap! We use a PHP based software program for our help desk. Its has a email section were you put in any smtp and pop address you want works fine with no problems. We can do the same thing with MachForms. No programs. They are easy 123 programs that can be easily installed. All these problems all the same people are having. we dont need cron jobs, we just want to send a email and thats it.

Typical programmer blame the ISP instead of the developer, everyone has this same problem. You dont even offer a clean solution to anything. The only way to get this working was to have a softilcious program run it. Once again programmers thinking. We already have taken 25 people off this software because we cant get a straight answer. Cron jobs work oh yeah no one told anyone is that your email address is going to get spammed daily by the cron job. NIce thinking!

This program is fustrating and you have to be a programmer to get it up and running. Oh type in commands at the server level, there’s no more telnet gee ever think of that! In the past 2 months 25 people were moved because of this problem and we tried to find a solution, no avail. just run arounds. Next month another 20 and then finally another 55. We’re not wasting our time anymore. we already did the ENV file nothing, cron is spamming and nothing works! enough is enough!

They do offer a hosted solution for people not up to self hosting. That might ease a little bit of your frustrations with getting it set up correctly.


It is true the app can be difficult to setup - especially if you are on a host that does not make this any easier - most hosts have Softaculous one click installers which can do all the configuration / updates for you.

It sounds like you have other constraints as you are sponsored by GoDaddy. Sorry we couldn’t be more help.

Misleading as well. If your going to sell and market a product, don’t show a video doing one thing and the software doing another. Downloaded the software for the 9999 time, your video showed some instant connect with Gmail and configuring it directly into the software. Went through every single link and sub link and THERE"S NO GMAIL SETUP. This is what we are talking about!

The Gmail OAuth integration is only available on our paid hosted product.

Yeah we bet the paid hosting has no problems! We even downgraded to version 4.5 and there are so many problems with this software! You put out a product that is for CPANEL and just make it work with regular stmp settings like Machform and Hesk does. Now we are getting CONNECTION COULD BE ESTABLISHED WITH HOST ABC.COM:STREAM_socket client () PHP_network

our smtp servers work fine once again its this progam! as always!

This is in fact an issue with GoDaddy and is well documented.

They don’t allow any hosting plans to use external SMTP connections as they block the ports forcing you to use their system.

It’s so bad it’s even documented in the PHPmailer wiki

well the problem is that I tried two different ISP’s and it doesnt work. One of the SMTP’s is the one hosted with Godaddy. I use MachForm with Godaddy and the STMP is from the other ISP and it works fine. MachForms works perfectly and so does HESK. Both Machform and HESK has their own setup inside the program to specify the SMTP settings, Not this .env file that is causing problem after problem on every single version. You should be able to use the program and have everything you need inside the program. Not shifting through pages of log files or using CRON jobs. It should be treated and sold as an off the shelf program free or not, charge people who want the paid version on a self hosted site for $5 a month and cut your depenency on your shared hosting site. You actually get this thing working the way we say, and your troubleshooting will decrease. There’s a program, you get SEE THIS AND SEE THAT. People follow it by the letter and there’s still problems! You wan to run a business properly you help people and not say not your problem see here. Even your videos are deceptive!

Translation is blah blah blah. We use our own smtp on our own website regardless. Like we said we have machform using the smtp from another provider works fine. we have Hesk running from hostgator which is different from machform - works fine and both programs are on a godaddy website. so whats documented vs. reality are to different things.

You dont even bother to see the obvious programs its This program. Your pissing off alot of people, today 5 people we told them to not bother using this program and put them on Quickbooks Online. We told them the truth, you get no assistance from this site and your left to figure things out on your own. Nice way to treat your customers. They said then why does it work for the paid version and why doesnt it work for the free version, we said why do you think? ? They said oh, screw them then.

Your right. but the fact is the paid or free version should work the same. Even people on this site openly admit its a pain in the ass to get working. And you just said it as well as we do, why does the paid version just to happen to work and the free one is a nightmare and 1/2. People want control over their stuff. They want everything in one spot and dont want to go to three different places. We took companies that were off the shelf Machform and Hesk, the software was so stupid proof that anyone could install and work it. The fact the dude from Hesk is a cool guy from overseas, we new the changes but we paid him just the same. We threw $10k worth of business in 2 years and everyone of our clients have zero problems, same thing with MachForms. They both have hosted paid versions that work the same way as their hosted.

If people cant figure it out in 2 days max, say good bye to customer after customer. No one is going to deal with the way this bs is being run. Your showing people who use the free version how they are treated, just imagine how you treat the paid ones. People want to see the free version working the same way as the paid. Alot of people that see the free switch over to the paid. They dont want to dump money into something thats a nightmare. And your first impression to our company was screw this! Version 4 got us interested and this whole thing is just not worth the aggrivation not to mention what happens if this goes live and there’s another problems, well we know how the support is going to be handled, and us and everyone else is going to say once again screw this!

If we as a consulting firm cant even get the free version working, then there’s no way in hell would we recommend the paid. His attitude towards resolving programs cost him alrady $600 a month in membership fees or services. Just for that very reason. We tried this a few months ago and ran into the same BS. Now we just had enough. When someone that needs 25 accoutns loaded we’re by no means going to mention this software. Not putting our rep on the line because of this software.

And if this programmer cant get a stable program to work free, then just imagine the live. In either event, its not our problem anymore. Sitting on a problem 24 hours with no response. Basically avoiding the issue.

Oh see this type this into your server. Blind stupidity when the fact that no one is hosting their server in their basement and telnet is no longer part of CPanel, so no one can type things on a server hosted like a dos prompt. We’re done trying to figure this nightmare out! Good concept but this software sucks!

I understand that you are frustrated, but it’s not possible to use Gmail as SMTP with GoDaddy.
Nothing will change that.

SSH is available through cpanel as standard.
Cron jobs are necessary for any software that needs to run tasks at certain times. V5 uses 1 whereas V4 had separate crons for different tasks.
Obviously you don’t need to set that up if you use a hosted solution.

So after testing, we got a senior programmer we know from our consulting company directly from Oracle, who’s known unix linux and php since they are started. We got the top people at Godaddy who actually build the servers to address the so called issue. The Oracle programmer said and we quote “whos the xxx who designed this program” by the time the average user paid someone just to install, troubleshoot and get the basics working, they would of spent the equiv. of just paying for the paid $10 a month hosting for 4 to 5 years. We just got off the phone with Godaddy for the past 3 hours, and whatever you said about Godaddy blocking stmp is (1) false and (2) was done more than 10 years ago when it happened. To clear the reality about Godaddy, is that you can send emails wihout a login and password, you can send out port 25 no problem just as long as you have a username and password from a Goaddy hosting account!

We took, MachForm, Hesk, Word Press Invoice and 2 other programs. They all worked without any problems. They sent emails and received emails and functioned just as they stated. Invoice Ninja, was pain staking hour after hour. The so called solutions were nothing more than lets blame this company, no lets blame them period. The fact is Invoice Ninja does not work unless you build your own server or have some kind of crazy hosting provider. The average person is going to get pissed off and either go with another program or just pay the $100 a year!

If the free hosting yourself plan is that much of a nightmare, then how would you figure the real program is. Your selling your product, and your saying (1) try out free program is you like it consider signing up. You support this program in the least professional and horrible manner.! You just throw people to documentation which is just a run around to confuse people even more nothing more. So many people have the problem and you dont have solutions nothing. You simplely dont care about people using your software.

We took three different hosing providers, MyTrueHost, Godaddy, and HostGator. DId both the paid shared hosting and our own dedicated servers. Guess what NONE WORKED! They all came up with the same exact error messages regardless of what hosting company, dedicated or shared. RIGHT THERE PROVES ITS INVOICE NINJA. The fact that MachForm and Hesk worked without a program sending emails out using the same smtp address that was placed in Invoice Ninja, once again proves its Invoice Ninja, nothing more! Furthermore, we changed the whole hosting to WordPress and used WP Invoice whch is the basics of what our customers want AND GUESS WHAT WP-INVOICE WITH THE SIGNATURE OPTION WORKED! Took 20 minutes to install and was straight through! $79 no problem per customer BUT IT WORKED! sending the same emails same server configurations in HESK and MACHFORMS no problem!

This program is such BS to install. We wonder why dont you have someone that people could pay to get the base installation working. Because they will prob run into the same exact programs we did. Spent 10 hours on this and got no were fast. There’s nothing you can say or convince anyone that the program is with the hosting prover (and no one has telnet anymore and you cant have some sort of DOS prompt in a 3rd party hosting). We had people that knew more than you about PHP and linux and they said the same exact thing we said that you people were making excuses about. Address the fact that Machforms and Hesk are two off the shelf programs that you just install, hook up your sql database, and in the setup in the program you place your smtp information the same as if you were configuring an email client and it works 123. And 10 hours plus your software gives the same exact error code on 6 different types of servers and hosting providers, while the others had no problem. We’d love to hear this excuse.

It is there in black and white, and i’ll quote direct from GoDaddy

Sending mail through other providers isn't allowed, so you'll need to use the following settings:

We’ll update our documentation to be very explicit about these troubles hosting on GoDaddy.