Cron failure on v5

Ok… I’ve migrated for v4 to v5.2.11 All went fine except for the CRON.

I have the little red triangle in the bottom left corner… i’ve setup my Cron according to documentation.
Running php 7.3

i have yet to disable old crons… i have WHM and cPanel running for hosted management
I see no error in laravel log in storage folder
I installed from git…cloning… i could have installed from softaculous but i wasn’t sure if it would go well.
What might i be missing ?



You may want to try running the cron manually from the CLI to check for any errors.

Hmmm i did that… no errors…

here is a screen shot of a tial on my cron.

I can’t figure this one out… i may now pound my head on the desk… lol

ok well i did a re-install using Softaculous this time… all is fine now
Although this version is behind… 5.2.7

If i unzip 5.2.11 will it work fine still…?? i mean no database changes etc…

If there are database changes you may be able to run them by loading /update