CRITICAL - We lost Main Company data after trying to restore of secondary company

Hello Everyone - Sincere Thanks for helping.

The short version is we have 3 companies of data and have always used our main login to view all three as they were linked somehow. Had a dropdown and could easily jump to any company without having to login. After migrating to v5, one of the companies didn’t migrate over. Wasn’t important as the time, so it was left alone. Due to recent changes, we had to migrate it, which we did without an issue. After migration, it still didn’t link with our main company or desktop app. While logging into web version, I noticed a backup/restore (does’t show in desktop app) so had the thought to do a backup, then add a new company and simply restore it so that it would once again be linked in our desktop app.

Here are the exact actions I did and which platform they were done on (Web vs Desktop app). Using “main” as descriptor for our Main company and “PJ” for the secondary company that didn’t migrate previously and was no longer “linked” per say.

Web PJ - Downloaded backup of PJ
Desktop Main - added a new company
Desktop Main - Used Restore function using the PJ backup created moments ago
***********here is where PANIC mode started
After I hit enter, all of a sudden Main company was gone and it was showing the name of PJ as if the “restore” overwrote the Main company…this is critically not ok.

Can someone please advise how this can be fixed. Like a moron, I did not create a backup of Main in the same way I did PJ. Never even considered it as I ignorantly assumed I would restoring the “new company” just created.

If someone wouldn’t mind calling me, I think it would be easier to guide me on a quick call. I can give you my cell or Whatsapp info. I’m not a programmer but I know my way around tech and am a good monkey if you walk me through it…Full panic mode has been initiated…

Appreciate anyone who has taken the time to read through. Praying one of you guys can help out. Thanks again!


If you’re using the hosted platform please send an email to

Doing that now. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Would you say it’s safe to assume that they will be able to undo this mess?

Sorry, I don’t know the answer

@PJMaybach some update about the situation ???

we have the same issue right now, and we’re doing the process (sending the email)