Credits Tab in the Client Portal

Maybe i’m missing this, but is there a way to show the client all of their credits in their portal as a Credits tab? The same way when we view a Client page within the program, we can see all of their invoices, payments, credits separately.
Right now it only shows Payments, and there it will show a credit that is used as a payment.
But if I want to show a client all of their credits before they are used, there is no way to show them.

Thanks again!

Sorry, For some reason this wasn’t originally showing up and now it does…

The navigation option is only shown for clients who have credits.

Actually, for 1 client it shows up, and for another client it doesn’t???

Do both clients have credits?

Oh I see, is there a way to keep/ show the list of previous credits after the balance is zero?

We’ll include the change with our next release.

Thank you!! I think just for record keeping so the client can see all of their credits used. maybe they can be “Grayed” out once the balance is zero.
Thanks again,