Credit card stored information


I am wondering here the credit card information of my clients will be stored if using Invoice NInja v5 + Stripe as gateway.

Is the information going to be stored with Stripe? Or within my server’s database.

If is stored within the server’s database, can you please point me to the documentation link where I can get more information about how Ninja handle and store such data.

I ask because If the information is self-hosted, we would need to review it security and make sure it complains with the requirements from

Thank you.

Thank you.


All credit card details are stored by the gateway, the app stores a token to reference it.

Hi Hillel,

Thank you for always being so prompt to help.

So, If I add another gateway in the future, or change my gateway, my clients will need to update the payment method. Right?

It is a two ways street. It takes away our responsibility of storing the credit card details, but when we change the gateway we get lot’s of overdue invoices because the clients don’t update it timely.

Anyway, thank you for your reply.

Yes, that is correct