Credit card Return authorization details on receipt


Im using a 3rd party payment provider Hosted pay page (MONERIS) to accept payments on my invoice ninja.

When user pays for the invoice they are directed to the hosted pay page where they enter the CC details. Once the payment is processed the user is sent back invoice ninja and the invoice is marked as $0 balance.

Im wondering is there anyways i can post the credit card authorization number returned from the payment api on to the pdf ? Just so we have the stamp of when it was paid, how it was paid, authorization code, card type (visa vs mc) ?


Sorry, it isn’t supported.

The only solution I can think of is to use a webhook to trigger a custom script to set a custom value on the invoice.

Thanks hillel. I will try that.

Also is there a way to have a “Paid” or “Overdue” stamp on the pdf?

Not in v4 but it should be with v5

Hi Hillel
Did the “paid” or “overdue” stamp on the pdf make it into v5?


I don’t think it’s supported yet