Credit Card Details Transfer to New Company v5

I have a company currently on IN v4 that I want to transfer all data to a new company that is using IN v5. My question is will I be able to move my clients Credit Card information for their recurring invoices so they will NOT have to re-enter their CC information or is this something that cannot be moved?


The app stores the card tokens which are transferred using the migration.

Just to be clear I am not using the migration tool for IN v4 to IN v5. I am simply using the Import/Export feature. Will that still accomplish what I’m after with moving the CC details?

That wouldn’t copy it over

Which gateway are you using?

I am using Stripe as the gateway.

I think you’d currently need to use the migration.

@david in v4 the import supports manually importing the Stripe tokens, we should make sure it’s on the v5 backlog.

For Stripe, you can also import card tokens. We have a tool in the Stripe gateway which will match customers and pull in their tokens.

Thanks @david, I forgot about that feature

Great! How do I use the Stripe tool?

Once you add the gateway you’ll see the option

To clarify, the option is on the gateway overview screen

Great I see it, Thank you!

So I used the import customer feature but was only able to import 9 clients from the Stripe list. Any idea why it would not import all clients. I have a total of 40 clients for this business.