Credentials for custom payment gateway

I’m trying to add GoCardless as a payment gateway, and since it isn’t in the dropdown list, I chose “Custom”.


GoCardless provides access tokens as credentials and webhook endpoints for payment integrations (as I assume most any payment gateway would do), but I don’t see any way to add any sort of credentials at all. There are only these two cryptic “Name” and “Text” fields:

The other tabs on that page also do not appear to have any place to enter this information either, so I’m curious how are people adding their custom payment gateways? Has anyone successfully gotten GoCardless to work in InvoiceNinja yet?


Custom gateways just show a text message in the client portal.

GoCardless is high on our list and should be worked on soon.

Ah okay, so that explains those fields, but is there any way to add credentials or a webhook URL? The option for adding a custom gateway seems non-functional without a way to tell it what to do.

Am I misunderstanding the purpose of that option in the dropdown?

Custom gateways aren’t meant to accept online payments, they’re designed as a way to share details for offline payment methods (ie, bank transfer details).

That could use a bit of UI design to make that more clear, maybe. It is confusing to have a feature intended to be used for offline payments listed under the menu option for online payments.

Perhaps I’ll open a feature suggestion on the github, but I guess I don’t have a specific suggestion other than “be less confusing” which I realize isn’t super helpful :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll try to clarify it