Creative desing css bottom

I change a little the creative bottom

#footer {
        bottom: 10px;
        left: 0; 
        right: 0; 
        margin-left: auto;
        margin-right: auto;
        text-align: center;

but i test and see a small problem

can someone help whit css?



@david any ideas?

@hillel and it is possible in company address change city/zipcode to zipcode/city?
in portugal first come zipcode :slight_smile:
or maybe it is easier make a custom field?


You can change the selected field on Settings > Invoice Design > Client fields to Postal/City/State.

Note: if the client’s country is set it should be determined automatically.

i dont see that, sorry waste your time.

only think is missing is fix that problem whit multiple pages…
and make my nice pdf :slight_smile:

if you want to used a fixed footer, you’ll need to reset the page margins.

@david I can’t find out
i try to change margin-bottom or add padding-bottom to

@page {


but notting seems to work, any idea? whith margin-bottom cutme the footer and neither with overflow i cant fix


    @page {
        margin-left: $global_margin;
        margin-right: $global_margin;
        margin-top: 50;
        margin-bottom: 50;
        size: $page_size $page_layout;

I’m able to adjust the top and bottom margins with this.

@david is but this is the problem


in fact idont use big invoices in 99% of time. maybe remove the fixed position
i try to limit the invoice whit


but not working

The only think i saw, is when i see recoring invoices show the clean design and not creative


Yeah… I worked like 4h+ on this problem. And also agree that it’s not worth the time anymore, as none of my invoices ever reached the end.
I have a custom design based on hipster but modern provides a good example for fixed footer. What I found out is that if you change

[data-ref="table"] {
    margin-bottom: 1rem;

It alters the layout at the bottom. But also alters the hole table that I don’t want.

Modern uses a footer-spacer but I also cant make it work right. I think the best way would be a spacer container attached to the fixed footer, but than margin is not working (because of fixed property)

Edit cross this message: Wow… I don’t understand why (left, right?! huh?!), but with this code it seems to work!

@page {
    margin-left: $global_margin;
    margin-right: $global_margin;
    size: $page_size $page_layout;

Edit: Damn, just worked with the specific example invoice (items, description). Back to start.

Edit2: I guess the answer is somewhere here. Designing For Print With CSS — Smashing Magazine