Creating template: not every standard-variable set?

Hi, guys,

could it be that not every variable has content when one is trying to create a template?

What I mean, is: I’m trying to create a template. It seems that I cannot check my code for failures, because some variables I use to not produce any output in the pdf-preview. So I think, how is one supposed to know if one’s code is correct when there’s no right or false reaction to it?

For example: when I use the code
(…) <ninja> {% if invoices %} {% set invoice = invoices|first %} (…) {{ invoice.client_id }} (…)
there’s no output at all for {{ invoice.client_id }}. But $client_id at least echoes “The Client Name_Id”.

Otherwise there’s at least a pop-up when the backend cannot create the pdf. But it’s only a hint without any advice what I did wrong.

At least it would be great, if the test-invoice or -data we’re dealing with within the design-editor would have all possible variables be filled or at least one can see what’s filled and what’s not.

Or am I just coding it wrong? :-/


@david can you please advise?

In the docs we show every field / definition that is currently available:

These variables are ones that can be used within the twig component itself.

Standard $variables are also available if needed so can be used in parallel.

One this to note is that $ variables cannot be used in any logic so you cannot combine twig and $ variable like this

{% if $invoice.client_id_number == 'xx' %}

This is because the $variables are render AFTER the twig component however you can use them like this:

{%if invoice.number == 'xxx' %}

$client.number is a great client.


We are working on a twig linter so you’ll be able to get feedback on failures, i have the linter working via api, we want to also include this in the monaco editor so that linting can be done there also.

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Thanks a lot. Those facts I already figured out, but I appreciate it that you clarify this here!

Well, it seems that there are some twig variables are missing to build the “perfect” invoice design. Or it’s possible if one’s a twig-professional, you know. :wink:

However I will follow your great works and I hope that someday I can help you maybe with the project. I already found some weird translations which could be improved to help the user understanding the GUI better.