Creating Quote Problem


I attempted to create a quote today and I was unable to do so. When I filled out all the fields and attempted to click ‘Save’ nothing would happen. When I clicked ‘Download PDF’ nothing happened either. I was able to email the quote though. Any suggestions?

This is a self hosted installation installed by Softaculous.


Can you please check for any errors in the browser?


Nothing showing up in the Javascript console, tried it on different browsers.

I can give you admin access if you would like a look

Any suggestions? :frowning:

I just updated to your latest version and now I am showing an error using the console you mentioned earlier. See below. By the way I still cannot save the quote.

mutating the [[Prototype]] of an object will cause your code to run very slowly; instead create the object with the correct initial [[Prototype]] value using Object.create built.js:25624:182

I just noticed today that I am having a similar problem also. I thought it may have been my browser but I cant get it to work on my phone either.

I see you mentioned that you can email the quote, it looks like you can and the system gives you the prompt prior to emailing asking you ‘Do you want…etc’ but it actually doesn’t send!

Self hosted setup also

I’m not sure whats up. It’s not a mission critical problem anyway, at least not for me.

It turns out i cant create invoices either. This is a complete disaster! :frowning:

I believe this issue can be resolved by clearing the cache after loading /update.

You can clear the cache by adding ?clear_cache=true to the end of the URL.

In our next release we’ll add a call to automatically clear the cache when updating.

Many thanks again Hillel!