Creating Invoices

I just signed up for the Invoice ninja Pro plan, and tried sending a test invoice to see how it all works but i’m having persistent issues with the invoice creation and processing.

  • first, when creating the invoice, I can’t preview it directly. It keeps auto downloading pdf’s of the unfinished invoice on my P.C.
  • When I try to view as recipient, I get redirected to a blank invoice page, with an auto download of invoice in pdf format.
  • I can’t apply the invoice or email template I would like to.

For some reason, every thing just seems to be dis-functional for me, or am I missing something?
I need urgent help on this!

Are you using Firefox? It sounds like your browser is set to auto-download PDFs.

Check your settings for PDFs in Preferences in the Applications tab. This page has some troubleshooting steps:

To force the application to view PDFs inline use the following link (note: this will use a JavaScript renderer which isn’t as good as the one built into Firefox).

Let us know if this doesn’t resolve your problem.

I appreciate the quick response! I’m looking into it straight away.

All good now. Thanks!

Good to hear, thanks for letting us know.